Ali Smith

Recovery and emotional healing from PTSD, stress and anxiety, 

Heal, Release, Empower, Evolve


I’m Ali Smith

I’m a fully qualified and accredited NLP master and coach, timeline therapist and clinical hypnotherapist.  I specialise in helping people to break free by letting go of all those negative emotions, limiting beliefs and unhelpful patterns of behaviour that tend to keep them stuck and prevent them from moving forward in life.  I especially love to guide my clients in helping them to heal unresolved trauma that may manifest in anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addictions, low self-esteem or PTSD.

Perhaps you’re confused about where you’re at right now or anxious/curious about which approach would be best for you. You may feel nervous and apprehensive about working with a coach. If this sounds like you, then my FREE online self– assessment tool will be perfect for you. This tool has been designed to provide you with more information, give you clarity and a greater understanding of your unique problem and the choices you have available to you

What I Do

PTSD recovery and emotional healing 

It is possible to reframe traumatic memories and find healing after emotionally draining events . Using a combination of NNRT ( rapid eye movement therapy ) therapeutic NLP, gestalt, inner child healing , EFT, talking therapies 



Addictions & Phobias

Stop smoking, remove phobias – intensive breakthrough session in 4 hours


Freedom from emotional eating

Find freedom from food addiction , emotional and binge eating patterns . NLP , timeline therapy, inner child healing / gestalt 

Gastric band hypnotherapy


Stress & Anxiety coaching

Short term and long term solutions, NNRT, NLP and timeline therapy, lifestyle interventions, EFT.



" I worked with Ali and she helped me to reframe my thought process She has a heartfelt approach and ensures that you feel safe and comfortable "

Hayley Austin

" I feel much healthier, happier and calmer and realise now that I need to invest more time in my wellbeing. If Im happy and healthy, I can achieve so much more . I'll use everything I've learned moving forwards. thanks Ali. Tina R


" Emotional eating mastery is an outstanding program. It really helped me to identify my triggers and understand what was beneath my eating patterns. I has helped me to heal my relationship with food " Julia S



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