Trauma awareness intensive for coaches


So you want to be a better coach and leader ?


You want to ensure client retention by making sure your clients achieve great results ?


Do you understand the impact of collective, post pandemic stress on your clients ?


How will this affect how they show up in their businesses and how they progress ?


Do you understand what trauma is and how to spot the signs of traumatic stress in your clients ?


Does the word trauma scare the life out of you and do you panic if your client becomes emotional during a session ?


Do you have questions and concerns around managing traumatised clients , knowing how to and when to refer ?


Do you understand your own physiology  knowing HOW to stay regulated yourself when working with stressed out clients ?


Would you like to learn more without having to enrol on yet another expensive qualification ?


As a trauma specialist , speaker and trainer my life’s work is to debunk the myths around trauma, removing the stigma and the fear and teaching coaches the fundamentals so that they can show up better for their clients


During this one to one 2 hour teaching experience you will :


-Learn the REAL definition of trauma and how it affects your clients


– Learn HOW the autonomic nervous system responds to stress and trauma , how to turn the fight , flight, freeze response off in the short term and how to manage triggers in the long term


– Learn about the different types of trauma and how that impacts your clients belief systems . How best to challenge those beliefs and what coaching styles work best for which clients


– Learn HOW trauma impacts your clients money mindset . How you can adapt your approach to ensure they feel safe and are able to call in more money and seamlessly move into purchasing your high ticket offerings


– Understand the differences between PTSD an CPTSD – know the symptoms , how to manage flashbacks and how they may impact your clients behaviour and progress


– Learn how to identify yours AND your client’s 4F stress response personality style and how you can adapt your approach to achieve the best results