EMDR therapy online

Eye Movement Desensitisation Treatment (EMDR) is a well-researched method of therapy that not only works fast to calm anxiety and reframe limiting beliefs, but also works to process traumatic memories. Since the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic, EMDR therapy online has grown in prominence, with public sector institutions such as the NHS and educational institutions outsourcing EMDR to private therapists and practitioners.

EMDR therapy online follows a set procedure, and depending on the initial problem that needs to be resolved and the intended outcome, clients usually require 6 to 12 sessions. EMDR for anxiety and high-functioning anxiety, EMDR for narcissistic abuse recovery, EMDR for codependency, EMDR for PTSD, and EMDR for business are all included in my packages.

Bilateral stimulation is used in EMDR, which involves a series of repeating eye movements, taps, sounds, or hand movements. What makes EMDR for narcissistic abuse recovery and PTSD so helpful is that it supports the process of neuroplasticity, calms the nervous system, and aids in the appropriate processing of those bodily memories.

The majority of clients report a significant softening of uncomfortable emotions originally connected with stressful situations, as well as a sense that the difficult memory has become ” remote ” or does not elicit the same visceral and emotional response when recalled.
Instead of reactivity, intelligent responses and increased impulse control are used. The signs and symptoms of high-functioning anxiety will fade.

EMDR treatment is a phased technique, and the beauty of it is that it does not require retelling or talking over details.


EMDR is an eight-step procedure with three KEY components.


1) Nervous system resourcing and regulation.


The nervous system’s regulation and resourcing are ALWAYS prioritised in the early phases. As a polyvagal-informed practitioner, I consider this to be the most crucial phase, and I’ve been shocked at how many people I’ve healed who haven’t had this experience. An element of neuroception teaching is included in this period. This includes a rudimentary grasp of HOW your nervous system responds to stress on a biological level. You may have varied degrees of emotional dysregulation when you are in the fight, flight, flop, or freeze reaction. Anxiety, rage, guarded, defensive, protective, reactive, shutdown, depressed, melancholy, wired, low, hopelessness, immobility are some examples.

Before we begin the processing work, it is critical that you feel safe, grounded, and resourced, and I will teach you several tools and exercises to assist you return to a supportive, safe, social, and grounded condition.


2) Processing 


As a beginning point, the memory, key symptoms, repeating patterns of behaviour, or beliefs/assumptions are used. I usually work with the sensations, body locations, metaphors, and emotions linked with the memory, pattern of behaviour, or issue to be handled. The therapist’s hand movements, a light beam, or auditory beats via a headset that can be coordinated to a virtual app on your phone can all be used for bilateral stimulation.


3) Cognitive interweaving


is the third element, and it is an important aspect of the integration process. This aids in the shift of core negative beliefs and assumptions that may be linked to the problem / issue, allowing individuals to become more adaptable and resourceful.

These perceptions can be divided into four categories:


Beliefs of inadequacy or self-defectivity, such as “I am a bad person,” “I am useless,” or “I am forever broken.” will change to “I am a good person,” “I am adequate,” and “I am healing / getting healthy”

Beliefs of responsibility / accountability such as “I should have done something” becomes “I did the best I could,” “it was all my fault becomes “I did the best I could with the resources I had at the time,”

Vulnerability / safety such as “I’m going to die” becomes “I’m safe now,” or “I’ll be punished if I speak out” becomes “I’m safe to say what I’m thinking.”

Choices / control such as”I am helpless” becomes “I have options now,” and “I am out of control” becomes “I am in command.”

EMDR for anxiety


EMDR for anxiety is a highly effective method for lowering anxiety symptoms such as panic attacks, sleep difficulties, nightmares, and feelings of hypervigilance that may be interfering with your daily functioning.
I work with you to discover important triggers, situations, and underlying beliefs that are linked to your anxiety reaction so that you can interrupt and shift your condition effectively. Clients report feeling more empowered and confident, as well as having more control over their lives.

EMDR is a powerful tool for re-framing beliefs and changing how you think about and see yourself! For example, while using EMDR for anxiety or high-functioning anxiety, a common perception is “I’m out of control” or “I can’t cope.” You will feel empowered and notice a significant reduction in symptoms when these cognitions are modified to ” I am in control of my decisions ” and ” I have access to the resources I need to cope “.

Available in a 3-month or 5-month bundle (6 or 10 sessions) with downloaded audios and access to me through WhatsApp in between sessions.


EMDR for narcissistic abuse, codependency and toxic relationship recovery


When you’re in an abusive relationship, you’re more than likely to have varied degrees of post-traumatic stress. Internal uncertainty, upheaval, and emotional pain result from living or working in an emotionally turbulent and unpredictable setting that is sustained by cycles of abusive behaviour.

When you feel like you’re “walking on eggshells,” it’s because your nervous system is constantly on the lookout for danger and is in “survival mode” to keep you safe.
Only once the relationship has ended and your nervous system has been able to return to a point of internal safety can therapy and coaching programmes be totally effective. Only then can meaningful healing and behavioural change be possible.

.My EMDR for narcissistic abuse recovery and codependency coaching package includes a hybrid of EMDR therapy , together with my signature self-leadership KNOW coaching method

Know and Navigate – Advanced nervous system regulation procedures that strive to return your nervous system to a state of internal safety and harmony, thereby alleviating PTSD symptoms.

Know and Name – I’ll teach you how to improve your emotional literacy so you may gain clarity, become more self-directed, reaffirm your values, and re-establish emotional and relational boundaries.

Know and Nurture – I’ll walk you through uncovering and identifying your main limiting ideas and assumptions that are at the basis of poor relationship decisions.

I show you how to feed and repair those damaged ” inner child” portions of yourself, helping you to reframe limiting beliefs and grow your feeling of self-worth.

EMDR softens the uncomfortable emotions and anxiety reactions connected with the relationship’s distressing memories.

You can get a copy of my SOS narcissistic abuse guide HERE if you suspect you’re in an abusive relationship and need help making a plan to leave. This offers a mix of practical and legal information describing your alternatives, as well as phone numbers and guidance on how to cope with Coercive Control, which is prohibited in the United Kingdom. EMDR softens the uncomfortable emotions and anxiety reactions connected with the relationship’s distressing memories.

Options to work with me : One to one therapy including 4 or 6 month one to one packages ( 8 or 12 sessions ) WhatsApp support, self-coaching manual

Online group healing program . To waitlist yourself for the online program beginning 1 September 2022 click here



EMDR began as a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It is a suggested therapy recognised by the NHS and has been approved by NICE in the United Kingdom. According to scientific evidence, the rhythmical motions utilised in EMDR, whether eye movements or tapping, lower activity in the brain’s fear pathways. EMDR assists the brain in properly digesting and storing memories so that they do not resurface. For PTSD survivors, this can bring a huge sense of relief and a reduction in debilitating symptoms including anxiety, increased startle reaction, heightened fear response, nightmares, flashbacks, hypervigilance, emotional dysregulation, body tremors, panic attacks, and lowered stress tolerance.

EMDR therapy allows you to recall rather than relive events from the past.

During EMDR, it is not required to discuss the traumatic event. The initial sessions will provide you with resources to assist you attain emotional and neurological system control so that you feel safe, comfortable, and capable of dealing with triggers when they occur.

3 month (6 sessions) or 5 month (10 sessions) packages are available.Includes WhatsApp support from myself as well as my self-coaching guide


Self-leadership and business success with EMDR


If you’ve hit a stalemate in your business, feel stuck, and can’t seem to move forward, this is for you. You may be a high achiever, an entrepreneur, a business owner, a coach, a leader, or a manager who is struggling to reach the next level of achievement.

You’ve worked long hours, spent countless hours perfecting your business plan and messaging, narrowed down your business strategy, and even paid for advertisements, SEO, and marketing efforts, yet you’re still failing to meet your objectives.

You’re starting to believe you don’t have what it takes to succeed.

Do you realise that the majority of individuals have at least five subconscious limiting beliefs that RULE their lives? They work in the background, similar to the Google or Facebook algorithms, listening to what you say to yourself about yourself and reflecting it back to you, influencing how you show up and behave in business.

Limiting beliefs are ALWAYS at the root of why you act in certain ways.

It’s interesting to see how they appear


The fear of being seen
The fear of being judged
Apprehension of being unable to cope
The fear of failing
Fear of achieving success
Distraction and avoidance behaviours
Fear of selling and demanding payment
Having doubts about the worth of your product or service
Fear of saying no to competitors and clients alike, as well as people pleasing
Inability to set limits for yourself in terms of time, options, and working relationships
Money problems and the inability to earn more than a certain amount
Following all of the online gurus and doing things their way, even if it doesn’t feel good or aligned with your values



My EMDR for business package will enable you to step into genuine SELF LEADERSHIP by identifying and correcting the primary limiting beliefs that are now sabotaging your business success, allowing you to be more intentional with your time and actions.

Nothing will change if nothing will change! It’s time to take charge of your own destiny.

Available in three or five month packages with six or ten intensive one-on-one reprogramming sessions, WhatsApp access, and a downloaded self-coaching plan to complete in between sessions.


Questions or to book a package ? Email me : info@ali-smith.com


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