Unresolved trauma has a tendency to show up in our most intimate relationships. Recreating the drama patterns we experienced as a child by attracting emotionally unavailable, co -dependant or abusive partners.

I work with you to heal after emotionally abusive relationships or bullying , helping to regulate your emotions , process traumatic memories and re-establish healthy boundaries 

Narcissistic emotional abuse and bullying can cause confusion, depression and symptoms of CPTSD 

Sexual trauma may include sexual abuse , coercive control or  harassment

Saying yes when you really wanted to say no, saying yes to get love, saying yes out of duty or obligation, saying yes for fear of being ridiculed. Sexual wounding may lead to promiscuity or sexual shut down and suppression of legitimate sexual needs.

Regression, inner child healing and gestalt combined with EMDR and polyvagal techniques to regulate the nervous system can be truly transformational.  Helping you to heal emotionally, re-establish healthy boundaries ,redefine intimacy on your own terms and reclaim your authentic self 

As a narcissism informed coach I am able to offer psycho-education as part of my service to help you to move forwards and make the best decisions for your future self

Minimum package of 6  ( 1 hour 15 mins ) sessions

Package of 10 ( 1 hour 15 mins ) sessions 

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