Freedom from emotional eating in 5 simple steps  

A trauma – informed online program

freedom from emotional eating in 5 simple steps

Are you eating your feelings ?

Stuffing them down with food ?

Comfort-eating when you’re feeling sad?

Or a distraction when you’re feeling mad ?

If so, trauma informed emotional eating therapy and coaching could be the key to ending these relentless cycles for good.


With Ali Smith’s revolutionary online emotional eating coaching and hypnosis based therapy program

Move toward freedom from emotional eating 


Created by Ali Smith , this trauma-informed program use coaching and polyvagal techniques that access the root of emotional eating, so that you can re-integrate and re-order your habits.


It’s a proven fact that food has a physiologically calming effect on our nervous system.


Whilst you may notice an enormous sense of relief from the neurological and emotional effects of a hyper-aroused nervous system, this is almost ALWAYS followed by feelings of intense remorse, despair and a sense of self-loathing

If this resonates with you then it’s probably time to end the relentless cycle of emotional eating.


Freedom from emotional eating in 5 simple steps 

and you can END emotional eating FOR GOOD

with this revolutionary trauma-informed online program

Through our emotional eating coaching and hypnosis program, you will learn:


✅ WHY a trauma -informed approach to emotional eating therapy is more effective than a behavioural change approach

✅ HOW to map out your timeline to identify and pinpoint the ROOT cause of your self – sabotaging comfort-eating behaviour

✅ HOW to pinpoint the stages in the cycle of emotional eating and how to interrupt the pattern for good

✅ HOW to identify and tame those emotional triggers

✅ The dopamine effect and HOW to curb those cravings

✅ HOW to implement short and long term strategies to change your behaviour

✅ The science behind polyvagal theory and HOW our nervous system responds to stress

✅ HOW to regulate your nervous system using my step by step tried and tested technique

✅ My unique 12 STEP strategy approach for managing the urge to eat


✅ Learn the 12 root causes of emotional eating

Meet Ali Smith !

Ali a trauma resolution coach, educator, behavioural change expert and EMDR therapist . She helps business owners go from surviving to thriving by guiding them to process unresolved stress and trauma that may be draining their energy by keeping them feeling shutdown and numb or anxious and overwhelmed

Ali is both narcissism and polyvagal informed and an expert in helping her clients to heal process addictions, namely approval addiction and codependency which massively impact their communication styles, self esteem and business performance in the workplace

Coming from a background in healthcare, nutrition and pharmaceuticals, Ali has a qualification in nutrition and holds a special interest in the link between unresolved trauma and eating disorders / food addiction

Founder of Healing Between the Lines, the worlds first virtual trauma-informed bookclub, Ali is on a mission to raise awareness around CPTSD and get as many people trauma – informed as possible . In 2018, she became a best-selling author and speaker when she co-authored a book detailing her journey through healing PTSD after surviving numerous traumatic events

Freedom from emotional eating in 5 simple steps is an online trauma-informed program

A trauma – informed online program


5 self – study video modules


Tasks and exercises to complete for each module


Downloadable workbook


Module one – Understand the cycle of emotional eating


Module two – All you need to know about triggers


Module three – Developing short term and long term strategies to manage emotional eating


Module four – Learn the 3 steps to achieving emotional regulation


Module five – Learn my most effective polyvagal technique to regulate your nervous system


Access to private membership portal with your unique login and password


BONUS MODULE -Learn the 12 KEY root causes of emotional eating


BONUS MODULE – Learn my UNIQUE 12 step strategy guide to manage the urge to eat

Read the stories of clients who have successfully completed our online emotional eating coaching program.

I truly found this course to be the ‘icing on the cake’ for my weight loss program and healthy eating habits. Having reached midlife, I’ve found it much harder to focus on diet and exercise. The mindset and skills in Ali’s course have helped me immensely. I thought I ‘knew’ about healthy eating, but this course taught me about how our emotions are involved in everything we do, especially eating.

Julie Simpson

I feel healthier, happier and calmer. I realise that I need to invest more time in my wellbeing and its so much more than just food and exercise. I now have the tools to change my mindset and my self-esteem has increased . Thank you Ali.

Tina Rooke