Changing behaviours permanently involves more than just willpower. It involves changing behavioural patterns at a far deeper level.

Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective. It retrains the mind resulting in safe and permanent weight loss. Gastric band hypnosis is a technique that helps a patient feel they have undergone a gastric band procedure and have one fitted. Without actually being required to undergo the surgery.

 Patients will “feel” that they have undergone actual surgery and experience a great reduction in hunger and desire to eat.

The treatment protocol addresses the psychological and emotional issues that could lead to overeating and cause obesity. This reduces the chances that the patient will revert back to old behaviours once the sessions are finished.

To be a suitable candidate for gastric band hypnotherapy you need to have a BMI of 25 or more. For more information on hypnotherapy click here.

My treatment package includes 6 sessions of hypnotherapy and NLP coaching:

  • Initial consultation is 1 hour , 30 mins
  • Subsequent consultations 1 hour 10 mins 
  • Workbook and exercises
  • Downloadable guided audios
  • Nutrition support and guidance
  • Support via email and WhatsApp


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