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I’m delighted that you have chosen to come and hang out with me for a while.

Best Selling Author

In addition to being an accredited coach and therapist, I am also super proud to call myself a best selling author,

“When she rises” was published in 2019 – a book collaboration with 11 other women coming together to share their stories of transformation. Stories of heartbreak and healing, stories of triumph over adversity.

Writing my chapter was a therapeutic experience in as much as it reminded me jut how far I have come!

My Own Experiences

My story outlined my journey through PTSD after having been caught up in a terrorist attack some years back. This event was soon followed by further traumatic experiences. Including the suicide of my best friend and tragic death of a close family member.

The Journey

For many years I felt alone. Ashamed and helpless, believing on some level that I had been responsible for the cards that life had dealt me. Then one day it dawned on me that even though I had no control over my past, I did have 100% control over the choices I was going to make moving forwards.

The day I set foot in my therapist’s office for the first time was the beginning of a beautiful journey of healing and discovery. A journey that would take me on the path of retraining as a coach and therapist. Learning all I could about PTSD and using my expertise and experience to empower others on their own healing journeys.

Dr Gabor Mate, trauma expert says the following “Trauma is not what happens to you. Trauma is what happens inside you as a result of what happens to you”.

Its always the stories we tell ourselves that define us. There came a distinct day when I made a decision to walk away from victimhood and step into the purpose that I knew God was calling me to.

No more “Why me?” or “What’s wrong with me?”

Just self compassion, healing and growth.

You too have a choice.

What is your story going to be?

On the back cover of “When She Rises” is the following quote,

“Take what was your past and light it as a bonfire to be a beacon of light for others to gravitate to”.

Irrespective of your past experiences, I pray that you too will find the courage to heal and transform your life. Allowing your experiences to become a beacon of light for others to gravitate to.

With love