Trauma has many faces and people sometimes get confused as to the real definition of the word

Trauma expert , Dr Gabor Mate says that trauma is not what has happened to you. It’s not about the event itself. Rather it’s about the IMPACT or meaning that event had on your life.

It’s not always those “major” life events that can result in PTSD but sometimes seemingly “minor” events may cause a lot of unexplained symptoms and anxiety. If left untreated, the effects may remain stored in the body for years and may affect every area of your life.

I am trauma informed, polyvagal, narcissistic  informed and trained in both NNRT and EMDR which has been recommended by NICE  in the UK as a treatment for PTSD.

What Is Involved?


The initial phase in working with anyone presenting with trauma / PTSD is always a thorough assessment. This is followed by the “resourcing” or “stabilisation” phase. During which you will taught the techniques to regulate your emotions in order to ensure that you are grounded, stabilised and ready for the processing work which is a key part of EMDR. 

As a polyvagal and trauma informed coach, my methodology involves much work teaching my clients techniques and exercises which are highly effective in regulating  the nervous system, bringing the client out of fight / flight ( hyperanxiety / triggered ) as well as freeze ( collapsed / numb/ disasocciated ) towards homeostasis ( grounded/ calm / centred ) This facilitates a sense of safety and control

EMDR involves right / left brain stimulation in the form of bilateral eye movements. This helps to process ” stuck or frozen ” trauma in the brain. Processing this trauma removes the emotional charge from the memory and turns it into a ” neutral ” rather than a ” distressing memory.

You can learn more about EMDR / bilateral eye movement therapy here

Also drawing on methodologies used in inner child healing, depending on the type of trauma you have experienced. I sometimes use regression, inner child healing and gestalt to heal and reframe childhood memories. 


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