Hi, I’m Ali Smith, coach, EMDR therapist, inspirational speaker, corporate trainer.  I’m on a mission to educate and empower both individuals and organisations.


I use a trauma-informed approach in my one to one sessions and  workshops , providing education on tackling workplace wellbeing and  stress at work


After almost losing my life to a terrorist attack some years ago, I believed that my experience would lead me to  my purpose.


As an inspirational speaker I share my journey to recovery with the aim of raising awareness on PTSD.


After years of experience working in the  pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, I noticed a need for increased focus on employee training initiatives around managing stress at work .


Workplace wellbeing has now become a priority in our post-pandemic world


I became a best-selling author in 2019 after documenting my journey to recovery after CPTSD.


Alongside my 1 to 1 client sessions and speaking engagements, my trauma awareness training for organisations and business coaches has been designed to equip leaders to improve employee collaboration and reduce staff absence


I’m comfortable talking about stress and trauma. Trauma is NEVER about the event but always about the internal process as a result of the event


Understanding how we can manage  our own internal experience helps us to reframe our lives and manage stress at work


In a highly traumatised society , I’d like to see everyone willing to engage in  these conversations . We need to be talking openly about trauma if we are to move forwards as a collective


“Take what was your past and light it as a bonfire to be a beacon of light for others to gravitate to”