Ali Smith coach and therapist

The 4 month EMDR 1 to 1 package

Are you ready to process traumatic memories from the past ?

Are you struggling to resolve and feel like you are being held back by previous adversity ?

Do you feel anxious , tremble or shake when you recall difficult memories ?

Do you alternate between feeling highly anxious and exhausted much of the time ?

Are you ready to process unresolved grief ?

Are you ready to resolve and reframe your past to move forwards with new meaning and a sense of purpose?



EMDR is an effective therapeutic technique designed to effectively process and integrate traumatic memories


EMDR uses bilateral stimulation in the form of tapping or hand movements which the client follows with their eyes


EMDR  has a desensitising effect on distressing memories which results in people being able to recall the memory from a neutral and objective perspective


EMDR has been approved by NICE in the UK as an effective therapy for PTSD


EMDR can also be succesful in treating anxiety, panic attacks and depression


EMDR has a transformational effect on the belief system and can change and reframe self limiting beliefs into positive beliefs associated with the past, present and future . Clients are able to see things from a different perspective and adopt a more resourceful standpoint



My 4 month EMDR package is a 1 to 1 package designed to empower you to MOVE forwards from unresolved past traumas so that you can find freedom, from anxiety , relief from triggering memories and discover a newfound sense of meaning and purpose

Whats included 

BONUS ONE 45 minute timeline coaching call where we will map out your timeline and identify desired outcomes and key areas to incorporate into the protocol

– TWO  x monthly 60 minutes protocolized therapy sessions over 4 months

– TOTAL of 8 sessions

– Workbook

– TWO tailormade downloadable audios

– Messaging support via whatsapp


£ 957 paid in full


Payment plan  

4 x monthly payments of £ 249



Meet Ali !

Ali Smith is an accredited narcissism informed trauma resolution coach and EMDR therapist who helps empaths and entrepreneurs to thrive after adversity, empowering them to reach greater levels of success in business and relationships

Ali has a gift for helping entrepreneurs and high fliers move forward after adversity, process unresolved trauma and reframe the unhelpful patterns that keep them stuck. Clients typically experience considerable shifts in confidence and self-belief, which creates breakthroughs in love and business.

Ali became a best-selling in 2019 after documenting her journey to recovery after CPTSD. She featured on BBC Cambridge radio and has been a guest speaker at several events raising awareness for PTSD.

Ali’s career started in the healthcare industry .She gained much experience of the NHS when working in corporate roles within clinical nutrition, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals. Ali reached the point where she sensed that she was ready for a new direction. Her recovery from CPTSD was the catalyst that kickstarted the process of retraining as a coach and therapist.