Am I being emotionally abused ?


Due to popular demand , the online masterclass is back !

Am I being emotionally abused ?


✅ Is emotional abuse the same as narcissistic abuse ?
✅ If my partner has an anger issue , does this mean they are a narcissist , or is it simply that they have an anger issue ?
✅ If one of my parents was emotionally avoidant , does that mean he / she is / was a narcissist ?
✅ Should I be calling people out for being ” narcissists ” when they have never been officially diagnosed ?
✅ What does emotional abuse in a relationship look like ?
✅ What does emotional abuse in the workplace look like ?
✅ How can I spot the red flags ?
✅ My boss is very direct and authoritarian and does not treat people with empathy – does that mean he / she is being abusive ?
✅ Why do I keep attracting dominating, selfish people into my life ?

During the online masterclass you will  learn

✅ What healthy , secure attachment looks like
✅ Know your individual attachment style
✅ The difference between a horizontal and a vertical relationship The fundamentals on attachment theory and why you keep gravitating towards the same ” type “
✅ How to spot the red flags of abuse
✅ Understand the cycle of emotional abuse
✅ Know how to set boundaries not barriers
✅ Know the 3 fundamental KEYS when communicating with someone with highly narcissistic behaviour
✅ Understand what trauma bonding is

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