Return to resilience


3 month trauma informed package including nervous system regulation and EMDR


This 3 month package provides a comprehensive introduction to trauma informed coaching ,EMDR and nervous system regulation

Enhanced ability to engage socially and feel safe in one's environment

✅ Rapid processing of traumatic or stressful memories

✅ Rewiring limiting beliefs that came in on the back of stressful or traumatic events

Return from fight- flight / freeze to self - leadership and enhanced cognitive and creative capacity

Enhanced self-leadership and cognitive capacity

We will identify your triggers and the accompanying limiting beliefs associated with triggering and challenging life events . Assessing your timeline we will help to identify key dynamics as a starting point to begin the process of shifting both your emotional experience , thought process and beliefs around your past experience , enabling you to move into an expanded , next level version of yourself

So what's included in Return to Resilience ?

  • 1 x interactive written timeline mapping workshop session

( value £ 222 )

  • 6 x 1 to 1 sessions over 3 months ( 2 x per month )

( VALUE £ 1 200 )

  • Access to walk through audios of my 5 most effective resourcing techniques

( Value £ 50 )

  • Return to resilience workbook

( Value £ 20 )

  • Unlimited WhatsApp or telegram support

TOTAL VALUE : £ 1 492

NOW : £ 897


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