Restored – trauma sensitive group healing container



Restored is a 4 month trauma – sensitive, group healing experience designed to facilitate an energetic shift from a state of internal overwhelm and restlessness into a place of deep restorative rest . Combining the principles of nervous system regulation with heart coherence and deeply immersive soaking meditations to shift you out of the exhaustion of self-preservation and striving into flow state

Starts Monday 4th July


This 4 month group healing container has been designed for high-functioning career driven individuals, entrepreneurs, coaches and business owners that have been struggling with

✅  Periods of intermittent exhaustion, overwhelm

✅  A sense of internal restlessness and competitiveness.

✅  Caught up in the energy of comparison, jealousy , feeling constantly triggered by others

✅  Striving, self-efforting, pushing, driving

✅  A sense of uncertainty, lack of clarity , inability vision and plan

✅  Rushing, hurrying worrying

✅  Internal shaking, racing heart, anxiety

✅  Overthinking

✅  Chronic illnesses

✅  Sleep disorders

✅  Struggle to make decisions , feeling immobilised and shut down

✅  Difficulty in trusting gut and accessing intuition


  • In 4 months you will experience energetic shifts from overwhelm, striving and burnout  into  states of  peace, joy and deep internal rest as you are able to access profound levels of clarity, trust and intuition
  • You will experience deeper levels and longer periods of emotional stability and calm
  • Build great capacity for dealing with problems from a rational place and processing and integrating traumatic memories
  • Learn how to develop a deep state of heart coherence resulting in reduction of physical ailments, renewed energy levels and feelings of vitality, joy and abundance


✅  Access to online portal with written and video teachings and workbook

✅  Polyvagal informed Nervous System regulation and mapping techniques and training

✅  Introduction to emotional literacy

✅  Deep dive into the secrets of heart resonance -understanding Heat rate variability and the power of engaging the intelligence of the heart-brain in achieving emotional , psychological and physical healing

✅  Monthly Live Heart Coherence trauma - sensitive healing sessions via ZOOM

✅  Monthly Live Group Flash EMDR via ZOOM

✅  Powerful monthly deep immersive soaking frequency meditations with binaural beats

✅  TWO one to one personal coaching sessions

✅  Access to private telegram group

We start on Monday 4th July where you will be given access to the online portal and asked to begin to complete questionnaires ,type forms so that you can start feeding back your experience .

Our LIVE heart - coherence and group EMDR flash sessions start the week beginning Monday 11th  July 2022 .

Each month the theme for the soaking frequency meditations will be different

Normal price £ 1297

BETA PRICE £ 777* for the first 5 people only !

* As a BETA tester for this program I will require you to provide your feedback via type forms on your experience of the program, layout , live sessions, soaking frequency meditations , as well as a testimonial at the end


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