My Story

A friend of mine once said to me ” You have been gifted with the ability to inspire and empower others ”
When I reflected on what she said I realized that she was right ! You see if there is ONE thing that really lights me up as an individual, it’s being able to see OTHER people thrive and becoming the very best version of themselves.

I have a wealth of experience working in the health, fitness, nutrition, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries and through my work as a Pilates teacher and my online wellness programs, I have taught and coached countless women how to improve their physical health and fitness and become accountable for their own wellbeing.

My life changed dramatically after I qualified as an NLP practitioner and coach and was finally able to fully process and reframe the post-traumatic stress that had been a part of my life for so many years. I finally discovered my true purpose which is to raise awareness of post-traumatic stress, enabling women who are struggling to move forward after a traumatic event to reframe their experience, change their mindset and begin to live the life they’ve always desired

My story began at the age of 9 after the center of my world collapsed following the death of my mother.
Over the years that followed, I experienced numerous life-changing events including a terrorist attack, which impacted my life in the most profound way. My journey has been bumpy, to say the least, and yet I’ve come to the realization that there is such enormous growth in pain and the tragedy is every bit as beautiful as the triumphs.

Everyone has a story to tell. For years I hid my symptoms of PTSD. I was ashamed that I was unable to cope as a ” strong person should ” The effects of post-traumatic stress affected every single aspect of my life for years, from my career choices to my relationships to other major life decisions.

It took years for me to seek the right treatment and when I eventually did, the sense of relief was profound. My story is what drives me to raise awareness of post-traumatic stress and to help those whose lives have been defined by a tragic event to become ” unstuck ”

We cannot change the past, the circumstances of our childhood or the road we have traveled. We can, however, reframe every single experience in order to change the meaning it holds. There is no shame in suffering from post-traumatic stress.

At heart, I am a teacher, an enabler, an encourager. The person that likes to stand on the sidelines and cheer other people on. The person that LOVES to see others overcome and win! The coach who has the ability to see the God-given potential in every single person, even when they cannot see it for themselves. The coach who helps you to identify the real issues that may be keeping you stuck and encourages you to figure out who you really are, what you really want and enables you to work out a plan on how to get there.

You see it took me YEARS to learn how to go from walking to running and now that I have experienced the FREEDOM that comes from gaining awareness, I want to be able to coach others not only to run but to FLY!

” When you create awareness, you create hope ”

As a self-confessed research geek and life long learner, I aim to create awareness by educating my clients. Awareness created the turning point for me in my struggle with post-traumatic stress. Learning about my brain and how it’s wired was literally life changing for me and I aim to create just as many ” aha ” moments for my clients. Whether it’s through a wellness program, a one to one coaching session or talk to a room full of people, I aim to change peoples lives by providing them with the facts rather than the hype

” My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour and some style ” Maya Angelou

” Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness ” Brene Brown

Wellness programs

I have combined my expertise as a NLP practitioner with my vast experience in the fitness and nutrition industry in order to create innovative and holistic wellness programs. Practical and outcome focused, my programs have been designed in order to teach and equip you HOW to take optimal care of your own wellbeing. My approach includes strategies and techniques to empower you to manage stress and tackle emotional eating as well as providing training around whole food nutrition and mindful pilates.

Trauma resilience coaching and training

Trauma affects 1 in 4 individuals at some point in their lifetime with a small percentage of those going on to experience PTSD. The effects of traumatic events may affect us profoundly years after the actual event itself, altering our perceptions of the world, others and ourselves and sometimes preventing us from moving forwards. I work with individuals and groups facilitating and empowering them to own and accept their stories and find their new normal after trauma.

Events, retreats , workshops

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