Your stress response type is…


You’re a fighter.

Fight types avoid pain through conflict, and that can show up as controlling behaviour such as micromanaging, demanding perfection from yourself and others and easily feeling frustrated when things don’t go perfectly. It also means you have these positive traits: assertiveness, excellent boundaries, courage, moxie, and powerful leadership skills.

Let’s dive deeper into your stress response type, and find out what influences your natural tendencies and how to work with that to feel less stress and more peace.

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When it comes to stress, why do we Fight?

Often, we use anger as a secondary emotion to cover up our uncomfortable primary emotions.

These are things like:

😞 sadness,

😞 disappointment,

😞 loneliness, etc.

Underneath it all, fight types believe that if they have power or control in a relationship they will be secure and safe and loved.

When you’re in Fight mode, you’ll often feel:











And those feelings can make us behave in less than powerful ways:

Controlling behaviour

Berating team members

Unkind words and aggressive communication

Overreacting, then regretting it later.

But don’t stress love…

These are all totally normal Fight type feelings.


The truth is that our stress response type is almost always the result of past trauma.

Often from things we wouldn’t even consider a ‘trauma’ – that sounds too severe for that time someone stole our toy on the playground, but the roots of our behaviours go deep.

There are ways to find the roots of our stress response type and work to bring them back under our control. 

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Here are my top 3 recommendations for the Fight response type:

Redirect anger into movement.

Journal or leave voice notes to yourself to help your verbally vent

Practice mindfulness, meditation and techniques to help you to learn emotional regulation




Want to hear the good news?

By committing to work with these tools, you fast track your journey to more peace, joy and happiness in your daily life. It also benefits the people you share your life with, as stressful times won’t trigger you the way they used to.

I see you, and I can help.


Hey, I’m Ali Smith!

I’m delighted that you have chosen to come and hang out with me for a while. In addition to being an accredited coach and therapist, I am also super proud to call myself a best selling author; “When she rises” was published in 2019 – a book collaboration with 11 other women coming together to share their stories of transformation.

Dr Gabor Mate, trauma expert says the following “Trauma is not what happens to you. Trauma is what happens inside you as a result of what happens to you”.

Its always the stories we tell ourselves that define us. There came a distinct day when I made a decision to walk away from victimhood and step into the purpose that I knew God was calling me to.

No more “Why me?” or “What’s wrong with me?”

Just self compassion, healing and growth.

You too have a choice.

What is your story going to be?

Introducing the…  

The Trigger taming Toolkit

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Wanna guess where our stress responses show up the most?

In our business. 

In business, Fighters are most likely to show up as…

👩‍💻 Strong leaders with excellent boundaries. 

👩‍💻 Not afraid to go first and buck the trends 

👩‍💻 Goal orientated, go getters that take ownership of their actions.

The challenges of daily life can trip us up when we least expect it. 


Stressful situations come in many shapes and sizes; illness, unpaid invoices, client drama, traffic jams, failed launches, moving house, endless to-do lists, debt, and even unexpected global pandemics. 

But one thing we can always expect is how we will respond and how we’ll handle them. 

Believe me, I know it’s hard to take the time to work on ourselves, our triggers and influencing beliefs – especially if you have no idea where to start. 

My tools are designed to help you right now, and in the future, so you can avoid those feelings of frustration, anger and exasperation. 

You just need a guide to show you how. 

So what is in the Trigger  Taming Toolkit? 

The 'Trigger Taming Toolkit "is a 4 module trauma - informed online course, that will teach you how to:

✅ Shift from a state of chaos to calm,

✅ Shift from external overwhelm to inner certainty

✅ Shift from CRASH to COACH state and exact what they are

✅ Spot the symptoms of stress, trauma and complex trauma

✅ Reduce emotional flashbacks and soften strong emotions

Hosted on a secure online platform with downloadable content, audios, videos and email support, here's whats included:

📚 Learn HOW to and WHY neuroregulation is so crucial in reducing triggers

📚 Learn HOW you are wired and HOW you work 

📚 Learn HOW trauma changes the brain, why you are triggered and what you can do about it

📚 PLUS: Gain access to my list of UNIQUE affirmations that your inner critic will actually believe

Usual Investment £97

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What people have said about working with Ali:

Working with Alison has been one of the best investments in my path to healing and growth. Not only is she patient but intuitive in her approach to helping me access and nurture the most difficult parts in my journey for self growth

I worked with Ali and she helped me to reframe my thought process She has a heartfelt approach and ensures that you feel safe and comfortable.

I feel much healthier, happier and calmer and realise now that I need to invest more time in my wellbeing. If Im happy and healthy, I can achieve so much more. I’ll use everything I’ve learned moving forwards.

The world needs you at your best.

The Trigger Taming Toolkit

Total value of: £97

Limited Time Offer of £17