Struggling to move forward after betrayal and toxic relationships ?
Sick and tired of constantly attracting manipulative and abusive partners?


Listen up, my loves – True Love is NOT supposed to hurt.


It’s time to realize your VALUE!


Its time to learn HOW you can regain your sense of self-worth in this empowering four-hour transformational workshop


Set in a tranquil, safe lakeside setting in Nene Park, Peterborough, you will leave this uplifting half-day workshop with the knowledge and tools to help you to recover from betrayal and toxic relationships, allowing you to move forward to create the life you deserve


✅ Learn the four KEY betrayal wounds ( relational, emotional, sexual, spiritual ) and understand WHY it hurts so much


✅ Understand the stress response, know how you are wired and how you can shift from overwhelm to calm


✅ Learn my powerful grounding to take you from hurt and helpless to empowered and purposeful, reducing ruminating thoughts and returning to a resourceful, grounded state


✅ Learn HOW to visualize the future YOU and manifest the new, desired version of yourself


✅ Learn my powerful technique to instantly BOOST your confidence and regain a sense of self-worth after abuse, manipulation, and betrayal


Parking is available on site, and the workshop Includes lunch and refreshments.