Now you can end the relentless cycle of sugar addiction and stress in just 5 weeks !

The 5 week sugar and stress buster solution online program

Are you sick of trying countless diets that simply do not work ?
Or perhaps they work in the short term but then you end up putting all the weight straight back on again ?
Feeling stressed, stuck and overwhelmed ?
Working long hours ?
Rushing from one task to the next ?
Finding it difficult to prioritise your health ?
Eating on the run ?
Exercising but still unable to shift the weight ?
Unable to fit into your clothes due to accumulation of weight around the mid section ?
Suffering with perimenopausal or menopausal symptoms ?
Feeling anxious ?
Feeling bad about yourself ?

We are living in a world where we are surrounded by convenience and processed foods and most of us consume way too much sugar on a daily basis. This can cause numerous health issues such as sugar cravings, mood swings, hormonal imbalances, excess body fat, tiredness,lethargy, skin problems and insulin resistance to name but a few. Coupled with the daily stressors of modern life, high levels of the stress hormone cortisol may hamper your weight loss goals even further leaving you feeling frustrated and disillusioned.

My five week program is designed to tackle the relentless cycle of stress and sugar addiction ensuring that you not only improve your health and lose weight but learn lifestyle strategies which you can implement moving forwards.
You will learn about the brain – body connection, how we are wired and how to tackle self-sabotaging, unhelpful behaviours on a deeper, subconscious level.

Heres whats included in the 5 week program

In this 5 week online group coaching program, I will share all the latest , up to date, research based information including

1 ) Learn why eating a diet high in processed foods and hidden sugars can be so detrimental to your health, how it influences hormones and your ability to burn fat and how to change your eating habits to instantly improve your health in the long term
2 ) Learn how to curb and manage sugar cravings – which supplements are useful
3 ) You will receive a stress test – to determine where youre at and identify recurring patterns and trigger
4 ) Learn all about stress including how to identify it , how to manage it, how to cope with adrenal fatigue, hints and tips for lifestyle adaptations
5 ) I will teach you practical and effective self – care protocols which will reduce your stress levels and allow you to effectively manage stress on a daily basis moving forwards.
6 ) You will learn 5 different nutritional protocols which you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle in order to ensure permanent and lasting weight loss
7 ) You will learn simple NLP techniques to use whenever you need to change your state or to change unhelpful thought patterns or behaviours
8 ) Access to the members course portal ,daily videos , downloadable content, pdf’s, worksheets, questionaires, recipes, meal plans
9 ) LIVE group coaching in a private facebook teaching group

Ready to take control of your health and wellness ? Lets get you started right away !

Nutritional content

* Learn about the effects of sugar on the body especially how it affects insulin which is the fat storage hormone
* Learn about sugar addiction, the dopamine cycle and how to curb those sugar cravings !
* Learn which foods will provide you with maximum nutrition and will help to balance hormones and blood sugar levels
* Learn new recipes, meal plans and how to incorporate clean eating into daily life
* Learn the latest research from top healthcare professionals and nutritional experts
* Learn why a calorie is not a calorie !

Stress management

* Take the stress test and identify your triggers and patterns
* Learn about the sugar – stress cycle and how stress can make you fat
* Learn about the stress response and how cortisol affects our bodies
* Learn 5 effective self-care protocols which you can incorporate into your lifestyle to instantly reduce stress levels
* Learn NLP techniques to instantly change your state, taking you from anxious to calm

Outcome focused online coaching

* Lifetime access to online course portal and program content
* Lifestyle evaluation and goal setting
* Daily teaching videos
* Downloadable trackers, guides and lessons
* 80 page recipe e-book
* Food lists and guidelines
* Access to private facebook group with group coaching
Opportunities to post questions and gain feedback

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