Trauma Informed Online Workshops, Coaching and Mentoring in the Workplace


Trauma-informed coaching and mentoring in business settings can benefit your organisation in lots of ways. As a trauma informed therapy practitioner, speaker and workshop leader, I strongly believe that having open, honest and forward-looking conversations about the impacts of stress and trauma on productivity and performance can bring positive cultural changes to workplaces and how we work together.

My trauma awareness workshops are designed to teach and inform entrepreneurs, team leaders and employees, and empower them in the following areas:

• Understand the difference between stress and trauma
• Spotting the signs of trauma
• Facilitating positive behavioural change through trauma informed coaching and therapy
• Improve communication and develop effective problem-solving skills
• Build resilience and cut absenteeism
• Inform on healthy lifestyle practices
• Introduce the 4F stress response personality types: fight, flight, freeze and fawn.

The 4F Stress Response Personality Types 

A large part of my trauma informed business mentoring and coaching is based on the 4F stress response types – Fight, Flight, Freeze and Fawn. These are different ways we have of protecting ourselves during traumatic experiences and triggers:
Fight– Using conflict to protect ourselves
Flight– Using escape to avoid facing threat
Freeze– Becoming detached or dissociated in response to trauma
Fawn– People pleasing or placating – being afraid to say no.

My transformative and eye-opening trauma informed coaching workshops are available as full day and half day programmes delivered in person at your place of work, or online.

Nearly all of us are affected by some form of trauma, and because businesses are made up of people, trauma is likely to be the root cause of many problems that businesses face when communicating, solving problems, and managing people.

Empower your business, your team, and your future through trauma awareness.


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