4 month 1 to 1 trauma transformational package

( 8 sessions ) 

Process and resolve stressful memories, rewire your limiting beliefs and supercharge your mindset in my unique 4 step trauma-  processing method  

Know and Navigate

Know and Regulate

Know and Name 

Know and nurture


You  are

✅ Stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, flat, lacking in confidence . Feeling hypervigilant or numb .Possibly suffering from panic attacks and/ or interrupted sleep .


✅ Unsure how to manage these symptoms or where they have come from .Your default has been to " push through " Now you feel exhausted and depleted


✅ Struggling to find closure on the past , setbacks , major life events, death, divorce, a health scare , a job loss, bankrupcy or a toxic relationship that have knocked you off your feet and held you back from realising your full potential


✅ A high achiever, a strong person, an individual who strives for success , struggling with  doubt, fear, feelings of not enoughness, lack of self belief in your capabilities


You desire to

✅ Find freedom and relief from worry and catastrophic thinking


✅ Feel energised and gain closure and a fresh perspective on past events


✅ Find a renewed sense of self-worth , confidence and rock solid belief in your potential to excel in your career and thrive in your relationships moving forwards


✅ Put an end to procrastination, people pleasing, social anxiety and lack of productivity once and for all


Combining cutting edge neuro-regulation techniques, EMDR , trauma informed coaching, parts integration , somatic work ,this deeply transformational 1 to 1 container  will take you from depleted to energised, by helping you to  identify and process unresolved baggage, shrinkng your inner critic and reframing the limiting beliefs you hold about yourself



Find Freedom from emotional eating in 5 simple steps


End emotional eating for good in this five module trauma - informed online program

Includes free nutritional guide and e-recipe book included


2.5 hour trauma informed breakthrough call


✅ Clear your blocks and calm your anxiety in this intensive 1 to 1 power call 


✅ Turn down the fight, flight, freeze response and return to a safe, social , resourceful state


✅ Learn the COACH, CRASH model and gain enormous self-  awareness around your current emotional health


✅ Learn your primary stress / trauma response type and recommendations on how to modify unhelpful behavioural responses




Restored is a safe, deeply healing, empowering and transformational 12 week online group coaching experience designed for women who are struggling to move through betrayal, emotional abuse and toxic relarionships

Unlike any other program out there, restored is unique because it combines science- based trauma healing techniques with spiritual restoration


STARTS 9th May 2022 . Price : £ 297