Heal traumatic memories and PTSD

Trauma is a BIG word and people sometimes get confused as to the real meaning of trauma.

Trauma expert , Dr Gabor Mate says that trauma is not what has happened to you. It’s not about the event itself. Rather it’s about the IMPACT or meaning that event had on your life.

It’s not always those “major” life events that can result in PTSD but sometimes seemingly “minor” events may cause a lot of unexplained symptoms and anxiety. If left untreated, the effects may remain stored in the body for years and may affect every area of your life.

I am trained in both NNRT and EMDR which has been recommended by NICE here in the UK as a first line treatment for PTSD.

What Is Involved?

The initial phase in working with anyone presenting with trauma / PTSD is always a thorough assessment. This is followed by the “resourcing” or “stabilisation” phase. During which you will taught the techniques to regulate your emotions in order to ensure that you are grounded, stabilised and ready for the processing work which is a key part of EMDR. 

EMDR involves right / left brain stimulation in the form of bilateral eye movements. This helps to process ” stuck or frozen ” trauma in the brain. Processing this trauma removes the emotional charge from the memory and turns it into a ” neutral ” rather than a ” distressing memory.

EMDR is extremely healing and provides tremendous relief to people suffering with intense anxiety. This is due to an overstimulated nervous system. It will help you to find balance and regain some sort of normalcy again after trauma. Sleepless nights are restored and nightmares / flashbacks massively reduced.

You can learn more about EMDR and bilateral eye movement therapy.

Also drawing on methodologies used in inner child healing, depending on the type of trauma you have experienced. I sometimes use regression, inner child healing and gestalt to heal and reframe childhood memories. 

My package for trauma healing and PTSD involves working with me over a 3 month period:

  • 8 face to face sessions ( 1 hour 10 mins each )
  • Workbook with weekly exercises 
  • Downloadable audios
  • Support via WhatsApp and email

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Sexual wounding and inner child healing


Unresolved trauma has a tendency to show up in our most intimate relationships. Recreating the drama patterns we experienced as a child by attracting emotionally unavailable, co -dependant or abusive partners.

True intimacy involves risk!

Allowing another to see us for who we truly are may be absolutely terrifying and triggering for our wounded inner child. In order to be seen and heard our child becomes reactive, tends to dominate the show and causes us to sabotage the love we so desperately crave.

Sexual trauma may include sexual abuse as well as the more subtle  forms of misuse.

Saying yes when you really wanted to say no, saying yes to get love, saying yes out of duty or obligation, saying yes for fear of being ridiculed. Sexual wounding may lead to promiscuity or sexual shut down and suppression of legitimate sexual needs.

Regression, inner child healing and gestalt combined with EMDR and emotional regulation work can be truly transformational.  Helping you to heal emotionally, re-establish healthy boundaries in your relationships. Redefine intimacy on your own terms and reconnect to the power and authentic pleasure of your natural sexuality. 

  • 8 weeks 
  • 6 sessions
  • workbook with exercises
  • 1 to 1 support via email and whatsapp

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Changing behaviours permanently involves more than just willpower. It involves changing behavioural patterns at a far deeper level.

Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective. It retrains the mind resulting in safe and permanent weight loss. Gastric band hypnosis is a technique that helps a patient feel they have undergone a gastric band procedure and have one fitted. Without actually being required to undergo the surgery.

 Patients will “feel” that they have undergone actual surgery and experience a great reduction in hunger and desire to eat.

The treatment protocol addresses the psychological and emotional issues that could lead to overeating and cause obesity. This reduces the chances that the patient will revert back to old behaviours once the sessions are finished.

To be a suitable candidate for gastric band hypnotherapy you need to have a BMI of 25 or more. For more information on hypnotherapy click here.

My treatment package includes 6 sessions of hypnotherapy and NLP coaching:

  • Initial consultation is 1 hour , 30 mins
  • Subsequent consultations 1 hour 10 mins 
  • Workbook and exercises
  • Downloadable guided audios
  • Nutrition support and guidance
  • Support via email and WhatsApp


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Feeling stuck and unable to move forwards?

Limiting beliefs are usually laid down in childhood. They can literally act as blocks that hold us back and prevent us from achieving our goals. The beliefs you hold about yourself now are not true, they are simply beliefs!

Often the beliefs we have are not even our own! They could be those that we inherited from our parents or teachers when we were younger.

The good news is that it is totally possible to let go of limiting beliefs and change them to positive, empowering ones.

I use a combination of NLP coaching and inner child regression in order to pinpoint the root cause of the limiting belief. Heal, gain closure on the memory and replace it with an empowering belief.

In this package you get: 

  • 4 x 1 hour sessions over a 1 month period
  • workbook
  • Downloadable hypnosis
  • Goal setting guide
  • Support via email and WhatsApp

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Let go of anxiety and build emotional resilience with my powerful, 3 part guided meditation



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