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Wellness programs

I have combined my expertise as a NLP practitioner with my vast experience in the fitness and nutrition industry in order to create innovative and holistic wellness programs. Practical and outcome focused, my programs have been designed in order to teach and equip you HOW to take optimal care of your own wellbeing. My approach includes strategies and techniques to empower you to manage stress and tackle emotional eating as well as providing training around whole food nutrition and mindful pilates.

Trauma resilience coaching and training

Trauma affects 1 in 4 individuals at some point in their lifetime with a small percentage of those going on to experience PTSD. The effects of traumatic events may affect us profoundly years after the actual event itself, altering our perceptions of the world, others and ourselves and sometimes preventing us from moving forwards. I work with individuals and groups facilitating and empowering them to own and accept their stories and find their new normal after trauma.

Events, retreats , workshops

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Understanding your three brains

My deep dive into NLP over the past few years has taken me on a huge journey of self – discovery and learning . Awareness of the three brains has been an eye opener . It is only when we truly know and understand how our brain controls our patterns and behaviours that...

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Is stress making you fat ?

Overeating and inactivity are two of the most obvious reason why we fail to lose weight, but its important to look at stress and the role that plays. According to Dr Shawn Talbott, author of the ” Cortisol connection ” stress is the key reason why diets fail. Cortisol...

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